How to Chill like a Pro

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How do you like to spend your weekends? Drinking with friends? Dating with boyfriends?

Well, I just like to chill. Professionally of course.

So what does that mean? Chilling is a form of relaxing, to rid one self of all obligations and daily responsibilities and just become useless for the day. However, sometimes this lack of discipline and work can build up to more guilt and stress afterwards. Ex. You want to relax for the weekend so you end up watching 50 episodes of anime and did nothing else for the weekend. Monday rolls around and you feel like an useless human being.

We all had that moment.

So, the trick is to balance the right amount of relaxing with responsibilities, and void of guilt afterwards. Here are 5 tips that I do that may help.

1. Eat. Properly. 食べる

During a busy week, lots of us may not have the luxury to care about healthy foods and home cooked meals. So you order in or eat out everyday of the week till you realize you are either broke or FAT. The stress! So, for a relaxing Saturday, why don’t you devote some time to cook and eat healthy for the day. Treat yourself in learning a simple yet healthy home-cooked dish. The entire process of buying groceries, learning the recipe, cooking, eating, (optional posting on Instagram), and cleaning dishes could be a rewarding experience.

2. Learn a skill 新しい物を学ぶ

All of us have the dilemma of being too occupied in work and neglect our interests at times. So, while you may be tempted to watch Youtube videos and the latest drama shows all day long, you may also want to spend some time on your real interests and polish those skills. No matter if that meant learning Norwegian through Rosetta Stones for 10 min, knitting or crochetting for 30 min, learn how to use SEO marketing analysis online for another 30 min. Learning something new stimulates our brains but when it is an interest, nothing seems like a chore. So before your anime/drama/Netflix/Youtube marathon for the day, think again.

3. Clean up your house 家を掃除する

If you are not a big fan of exercise like me, here’s a big one for you. Clean up your place entirely. Vacuum the floors, clean the toilets, do your laundry, organize your closet, do the dishes, buy your groceries, clear your desk, do your bedding and nail that shelf that stood in the corner since you moved in. You get the point. Cleaning up your living areas can immediately elevate your mood and make you feel organized (even if you know this will be messy in no time). And needless to say, doing all those chores will be an excellent workout.

4. Curl up in a book いい本を読む

While us, the millennials, are infamous for our reliance on technology and not reading, anything, whatsoever, picking and reading a book can be extremely relaxing after the daily digital immersion. Notice I said PICKING and READING. Choose wisely and read appropriately, not one or the other. Once you have your selection, make a cup of tea and place your phone away. It’s magical when you have the right book.

5. Sleep. Well. 寝る

At the end of the day, try to sleep before midnight. Put away your laptops and your phones and just sleep. If you are like me, who likes to watch stuff before bed and has an overthinking nature, this may be the hardest one to do. Sleeping helps to consolidate your memory and cleans out the dust and bacteria in your brain fluids, so do your brain a favor and let it do its job while you sleep.

If you reached here, then congrats you just nailed #2.
Thanks for reading.


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