Feeling like Peonies

Peonies are often a symbol of good luck and happiness. My weekend was exactly that. Despite all worries and uneasiness about Brexit, I had a great and relaxing weekend with my friends. Shopping in Downtown, getting flowers for my retiring weaving professor, dining at Hong Kong Bistro, strolling down to the retirement party venue in Pioneer Square and finally ending the day with some out-of-the-blue drunk Karaoke. All is good.

Besides starting my internship at EMP Museum, I also have been working on my fashion design portfolio. Refining color schemes and concept boards all day. Hand hemming the edges of my silk dresses all night. I am still trying to schedule a photoshoot for my silk dresses and weaving samples so I can upload them onto my portfolio. It should be up within next week.

Me trying to hold the bouquet up right to avoid spilling water. FAIL.

Balancing my internship, design work and networking events can be quite a lot of work. But in the end, nothing is too difficult when it is what I enjoy to do. And with the support of my mentor and best friends, I just feel all the ‘peonies’ inside.

That doesn’t sound like a catchy saying, ok I’ll stop.

Shirt: Zara

Denim Skirt: Abrecrombie & Fitch

Platforms: Urban Outfitters

Bag: Betsy Johnson



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