Going for that Champagne


Hi friends, life has been good! Besides severe seniorities (aka “I am graduating in a few months, why should I study” syndrome) and the brutally cold Seattle weather, all is well.

I just came back from a Christmas trip back home to Shanghai and Taiwan, and I definitely indulged myself in all kinds of cheap delicious food and shopping. Life is too good back home, with all the time in the world reading Japanese novels, playing piano and painting, that I shred a few tears on my way back to the States. But responsibilities are responsibilities…


And this responsibility very much include UPDATING MY BLOG. So, here I am, dragging my fashionista friend and partner in crime, shooting in the beautiful alleys of Capitol Hill.

I’ve been a little obsessed with Burgundy + Champagne lately, partly due to my critical friend’s advice (You know who you are) to move away from my usual ALL BLACK witchy style. And to my surprise, going full-on girly and sweet is not too bad.

Les Nereides ring: Christmas Present from dad


Now that I am a senior, and I am practically graduating in 6 months (OMGGGGGGG, mental breakdown), life is at its many intersections. But no matter what happens, my love for fashion and creative design will always be there. Somehow it will all work out. I guess, when in doubt, just keep calm and do fashion (and drink some Champagne).



Cream Sweater: ZaraPleats

Maxi: FIFTY PERCENT from Taipei

Black Shoulder Bag with Tassels: I.T HK

Burgundy Maxi Coat: SPAO from Taipei

Burgundy Booties: Zara

Flowery Crystal Ring: Les Néréides

PHOTO: Wendy Wei


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