Back to Black

Friday was the Milos protest. I went out to a party with my friends and got an email about a man being shot at Red Square.

Saturday was the Women’s March. I see my friends participate with big drawn out signs, social media booming with live videos and posts all over the world.


Call me cold, but I don’t believe protests on the streets have much use. Sometimes, I think if people are really protesting because of their beliefs or if they just want to have fun in the crowd.

This also reminds me of the moral development stages I learned in my developmental psychology class. When psychologists interviewed and accessed Berkeley students back in 1960s after a large student protest, they find that although a small group of students really rallied for their beliefs of changing the university (scoring the highest morality stage 6), others only wanted to participate because they can skip class (stage 2: doing something for the benefit of themselves). So, are people truly going because they believe?

I don’t want to see people get hurt, or see any events act as a platform for violence. I hate seeing long posts from people defending themselves, saying they are right about what happened, when we should all be caring about the man who got shot and pray something like this will never happen again. Please ban guns, this should have some help.

I am not much of a political person. I am not much of an activist. I am not sure how I can help to improve the situation. So the least I can do is to write down my views.

And the fact is that, America frightens me right now. img_4930As Poiret once asked Chanel dressed in all black:

“For whom, madame do you mourn?”

“For you, Monsieur.”

For you and for us.

img_4924Top: ZARA

Pencil Skirt: Urban Outfitters

Choker: Moon Lab



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