About Me

Photo: Chawin Lertsachanant

Hello, I’m Coco.

I am a Conceptual Artist, Freelance Creative Director based in New York City.

I work across many disciplines including: fashion design + collage + illustration + photography. For as long as I can remember, fashion has always been an important part of my life. This blog will share my thoughts, my creative work and other life stories as I make dreams into reality.


Because I enjoy my interdisciplinary nature of creating. I see the world in multidimensional ways and it is my passion to analyze and flourish the connections between different disciplines. To me, fashion is an important element of this realm but it is not the sole element. Fashion is interconnected with all my other interests and experiences: Fine arts, illustration, languages, culture, psychology, neuroscience, literature.. etc. It is this diverse set of knowledge and my relentless curiosity that shape me to be the creator I am today.