Young, Beautiful & Glorious

I meant my gal friends.

When your week schedule is packed like sardines, a party should do the trick. So last Friday, we went to a student organized party at Washington Hall, all dressed up fancy and drunk of course.

Besides the fact that the music was average, and the hall was half empty (as predicted), we still had a lot of fun. The thing is, it’s really about the people.

As long as you are with the right people, you will stay young, beautiful and glorious.

No kidding.

Blurry Glory, not sorry
Was laughing because An couldn’t take a proper pic
View from the Top (2nd floor)
My beautiful ladies

Sparkly Romper: Urban Outfitters

Marble Ring: Moon Lab


Back to Black

Friday was the Milos protest. I went out to a party with my friends and got an email about a man being shot at Red Square.

Saturday was the Women’s March. I see my friends participate with big drawn out signs, social media booming with live videos and posts all over the world.


Call me cold, but I don’t believe protests on the streets have much use. Sometimes, I think if people are really protesting because of their beliefs or if they just want to have fun in the crowd.

This also reminds me of the moral development stages I learned in my developmental psychology class. When psychologists interviewed and accessed Berkeley students back in 1960s after a large student protest, they find that although a small group of students really rallied for their beliefs of changing the university (scoring the highest morality stage 6), others only wanted to participate because they can skip class (stage 2: doing something for the benefit of themselves). So, are people truly going because they believe?

I don’t want to see people get hurt, or see any events act as a platform for violence. I hate seeing long posts from people defending themselves, saying they are right about what happened, when we should all be caring about the man who got shot and pray something like this will never happen again. Please ban guns, this should have some help.

I am not much of a political person. I am not much of an activist. I am not sure how I can help to improve the situation. So the least I can do is to write down my views.

And the fact is that, America frightens me right now. img_4930As Poiret once asked Chanel dressed in all black:

“For whom, madame do you mourn?”

“For you, Monsieur.”

For you and for us.

img_4924Top: ZARA

Pencil Skirt: Urban Outfitters

Choker: Moon Lab


Going for that Champagne


Hi friends, life has been good! Besides severe seniorities (aka “I am graduating in a few months, why should I study” syndrome) and the brutally cold Seattle weather, all is well.

I just came back from a Christmas trip back home to Shanghai and Taiwan, and I definitely indulged myself in all kinds of cheap delicious food and shopping. Life is too good back home, with all the time in the world reading Japanese novels, playing piano and painting, that I shred a few tears on my way back to the States. But responsibilities are responsibilities…


And this responsibility very much include UPDATING MY BLOG. So, here I am, dragging my fashionista friend and partner in crime, shooting in the beautiful alleys of Capitol Hill.

I’ve been a little obsessed with Burgundy + Champagne lately, partly due to my critical friend’s advice (You know who you are) to move away from my usual ALL BLACK witchy style. And to my surprise, going full-on girly and sweet is not too bad.

Les Nereides ring: Christmas Present from dad


Now that I am a senior, and I am practically graduating in 6 months (OMGGGGGGG, mental breakdown), life is at its many intersections. But no matter what happens, my love for fashion and creative design will always be there. Somehow it will all work out. I guess, when in doubt, just keep calm and do fashion (and drink some Champagne).



Cream Sweater: ZaraPleats

Maxi: FIFTY PERCENT from Taipei

Black Shoulder Bag with Tassels: I.T HK

Burgundy Maxi Coat: SPAO from Taipei

Burgundy Booties: Zara

Flowery Crystal Ring: Les Néréides

PHOTO: Wendy Wei

Summer Update

I’m already halfway through my internship at the EMP! Why is time flying by so fast? In three weeks, I will be going to London and studying in the school of my dreams – Central Saint Martins of UAL. Although it is only a short summer program, but still! So excited to be in the legendary creative land for fashion.

Lately, life has been a fair amount of work and play. Last week consisted of a series of work-related events and lots of late night anime. My long weekend was a great refresher with 4th of July fireworks at Gasworks, PRONTO biking with my bestie and lots and lots of food. All that gave me new energy to power through this week: another series of onsite events.

Was trying to battle the wind and fix my hair.

I know it is a little late, but how was your long weekend?

Shirt: Madewell

Pink MiniSkirt: Zara

Platforms: Urban Outfitters

Bright Orange Bag: Balencianga (Beijing Boutique)

Black Cardi: EXECEPTION (China)

Sunglasses: Boutique in Harajuku (Japan)


Fashion Networking 101

Thriving in the fashion industry is all about meeting the right people at the right time. There are many talented young designers and creatives but not all of them will succeed in the long term. And what set the mere talented from the truly successful is often the power of their professional network. Though I am far from being a fashion networking expert, I’ve been to a fair number of events/workshops/meetings and parties that helped me to master the basics of fashion networking. Here are 5 essential tips that will transform you into a memorable social butterfly!

1. Invite Fashion Friends

Going to a networking event alone is brutal. Especially if it is your first time. Be sure to invite friends who are interested in fashion. Go to the event together and work as a group. Even when you spilt up and meet other people, you can always come back together and introduce each other to more professionals. Plus, having a close friend in a room full of professionals is a mental savior.

2. Introduce Yourself with Passion

Fairly easy said than done. How do you make a killer introduction in a spilt second to a fashion expert? First, talk about your role and your aspirations and goals. Be sure to explain what brought you to the fashion networking event and what are your biggest interests in fashion. Even if you don’t necessarily know what aspects of the fashion industry you want to work in, show your passion by saying that you are actively looking for fashion opportunities.

3. Show your Portfolio

Showing your creative work is very important. Before the event, make sure you have a physical portfolio ready. Include a variety of work including research and development phases, sketches and fabric swatches. Some young designers may worry about revealing too much inner details of their collections and would frown on this advice. But I think this portfolio doesn’t exactly have to be current. This is not a portfolio review for a program, so bring work that reveals your brand and voice but not necessarily details for your upcoming shows. Also, if you can wear your original designs to the event, that’s even better!

Even if you don’t have your portfolio ready, be sure you have an online portfolio on your phone or iPad to show. This can be your website/ blog or digital scans of your designs.

While you show your portfolio, be ready to answer questions about every piece. Talk about your concept and vision and engage the listener with your story. Having an unique story is often more powerful than a mere pretty picture.

4. Ask Questions (LOTS)

Most people in there are likely to be professionals in the industry, all having more experience and expertise than you. So instead of talking all about yourself (though an appropriate amount of self-marketing is important), you should take the time to seek advice of their expertise. Ask what made them interested in their field, what is their daily working routine, what are their current projects, etc. Asking these questions basically scored you an informational interview on the spot!

Of course, you should always be professional and sincere with your questions and refrain from asking overly personal questions. And lastly, kindly ask for their contact information (LinkedIn or business card or email NOT Facebook).

5. ALWAYS Follow-Up

This last tip is essential! You took the time to dress up and go to the event. You took the time to talk to 50 people, so be sure to stay connected. Always remember to email a short thank you note to the people you met. For those you wish to stay connected and seek for further advice, make sure to schedule a coffee chat and ask more about their expertise.

From past experiences, it is best to email during office hours (10am -5pm). Also, it is better to contact within a week of meeting so the connection stays fresh.

If the person does not respond or doesn’t wish to meet you after a few tries, don’t fret. There are many more fashion professionals who can mentor and help you. He/she just wasn’t meant to be.



Being in a room full of professional strangers can be quite daunting. But it can also be really fun and interesting to meet people and learn the inner scope of the industry. Try out these tips and always keep a positive attitude! The next person you meet may be your next employer, life-long mentor or best friend!

White Shirt: Madewell

White Skirt: Original design by COCOHO

Platforms: Urban Outfitters

Purple Tote: Long Champ Le Pilage


Feeling like Peonies

Peonies are often a symbol of good luck and happiness. My weekend was exactly that. Despite all worries and uneasiness about Brexit, I had a great and relaxing weekend with my friends. Shopping in Downtown, getting flowers for my retiring weaving professor, dining at Hong Kong Bistro, strolling down to the retirement party venue in Pioneer Square and finally ending the day with some out-of-the-blue drunk Karaoke. All is good.

Besides starting my internship at EMP Museum, I also have been working on my fashion design portfolio. Refining color schemes and concept boards all day. Hand hemming the edges of my silk dresses all night. I am still trying to schedule a photoshoot for my silk dresses and weaving samples so I can upload them onto my portfolio. It should be up within next week.

Me trying to hold the bouquet up right to avoid spilling water. FAIL.

Balancing my internship, design work and networking events can be quite a lot of work. But in the end, nothing is too difficult when it is what I enjoy to do. And with the support of my mentor and best friends, I just feel all the ‘peonies’ inside.

That doesn’t sound like a catchy saying, ok I’ll stop.

Shirt: Zara

Denim Skirt: Abrecrombie & Fitch

Platforms: Urban Outfitters

Bag: Betsy Johnson


Midnight Blue for Spring

It’s been a while since my last post so I think it is about time to kick start with some outfit inspiration.

Ever since my trip to the Big Apple, I have been inspired by the vintage and artistic culture there (more update on that on another post). So in this look, I layered an oversize white shirt on top of a midnight blue velvet dress to create a vintage, elegant feel. Hope you like them!





Velvet Dress from Forever21, White Oversized shirt from Madewell, Blue shades from Earthbound, Black little shoulder Bag from Bershka, Black laced up sandals from Zara


Secret Garden

Happy Sunday!

This past week has been a tornado. Looking back at my weekly planner, I’m often amazed that it has only been a week! So, in spite of all the stress and never-ending projects, I am proud that I got through another week. That is, with the help with my awesome friends and (guilty) amount of Molly Moons and green tea Frappacinos.

Of course, shooting on a nice Saturday afternoon also helps.



Ring from Timbee Lo: A Hong Kong designer who crafts all handmade and one of a kind pieces. He also has his fashion clothing line gearing towards the Harajuku girls style



Black Mini Skirt: Zara

White Oversized Shirt: Madewell

Platforms: Urban Outfitters

Pink Sunglasses: Vintage store from Harajuku, Tokyo

Japanese Shrine Mega Ring: Timbee Lo